Carbo Panel Heavy Polyester

Carbo Panel Heavy Polyester


Carbo Panel Heavy Polyester

Item Description

Carbo Panel Heavy Polyester *Anti-static

Jumbo Height : 1380 mm, 1650 mm
Backing 100% polyester
Bond Resin over resin
Grain Silicon Carbide
Grit P40 - P240
Coating Semi open


  • MDF
  • Chipboard
  • Soft and hard woods
  • Stainless steel polishing


  • Easy to handle and maintain
  • More durable
  • Provide better surface finishing with consistent performance

Available form

  • Wide belts
  • Segmented belts
  • Narrow belts
  • Velcro
  • PSA
  • Rolls
  • Discs
  • Hand sheets


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